Beware The Eyes of Darkness

Evolving zombies brutalize their victims and have plunged the globe into a hellish nightmare.  Some of the toughest and most unique Arizonans are in Dereck's path.  As he attempts to unite the survivors he is interrupted by a zealous Blue-Lives-Matter policeman, an eccentric professor and a disturbed Turkish woman named Sadine.  She and the zombies both want to rip Dereck's body apart.  Surviving this apocalypse means they'll have to forget everything they thought they knew about zombies, trust one another and...  



 The Cain’s have left their home and Down-Syndrome son in the care of a college freshman. Adriana is alone at night.  Upstairs, the uncomfortable floorboards creak. Adriana is itching to sneak her first look at her client. Does he even have a disability? Will Adriana survive the night as… THE CAREGIVER



Stephen always gets anxious around his birthday. His wife and two children aren’t sure why he never wants to celebrate. This year Stephen turns 47 and this will be the end to his secrecy. Disturbing hauntings are tormenting the suburban family and escalate as his birthday draws near. The destruction and possessions all point to a car accident buried in Stephan’s past. Meanwhile, his family’s patience and safety are wearing thin. Unfold the mystery and predict the truth before Stephan discovers first hand that The Devil will stop at nothing to collect…  THE BORROWED SOUL



Javier:  I caused this, because I’m too afraid of…him.

Ryan:  I caused this, because I sat back and let life pass me by.

Shawn: I caused this, because I let my anger and beliefs get the best of me.

Arkansas, at times, is everything you’d expect it to be. This time, however, it’s anything but predictable. One man’s dream, one man’s hatred and another man’s fear are going to detonate in the center of this novel. Three strangers, share with you, the events that took place ten months ago that changed their lives forever. Javier escapes his abusive relationship with Rick. But can he trust his traveling companion as they head to Arkansas for safety? Ryan dreams of the world outside of Arkansas, his only way out is college. Meanwhile, Ryan’s friend returns for the summer with a shocking gift. Can Ryan stop dreaming and focus on the nightmare brewing around him? Shawn is a family man whose hate becomes all too consuming. He pays the price for his hatred, but how much will revenge cost him? Listen to three stories unfold and collide as Javier, Ryan, and Shawn share their thoughts, a twist you’ll never forget, and their fate.